Me and my growth as a news writer

I am Blake Fischbeck, a student at the University of Utah. I am likely going to go to business school but am still interested in doing sports-writing for the news. My favorite sports and those in which I have the most knowledge about are college football, the NFL, NBA and also high school football in the state of Utah. These are the sports I would like to write about.

I feel I have grown as a writer over the past few years. Once I started writing essays in AP classes in high school, and got good grades, I felt like I knew what it took to make a a paper both credible, and interesting. I wrote a few papers in my first writing class at the university about the BCS playoff system in college football. One of my essays was about why the BCS was unethical, while also designing a playoff system I thought would work. I also then wrote a humorous paper that mocked people that thought the BCS was unfair, looking at both sides of the spectrum. My teacher actually used my first paper as an example for her class the next term. I have since taken my first news writing class and really enjoyed it. If I am to be a news writer, sports is what I want to write about, and I feel I have the knowledge to accurately analyze what is going on in the world of sports.